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Lower Primary


Lesson Duration: 1.5 h

Curriculum content

Primary 1 and 2: 

In this programme, your child will gain content mastery in

  • Number Sense,

  • Four Operations,

  • Pattern Recognition,

  • Ordinal Numbers,

  • Length,

  • Multiplication,

  • Division,

  • Time and

  • Money. 


Skills and Techniques:

  • Your child will also solve word problems pictorially

(Part-whole and comparison models)

  • Heuristics such as Make A List and Acting It Out

Manipulatives such as ten-frames, counting bears and mass balances will be used for Performance Tasks. 

Through games and hands-on activities, students will revise the mathematical concepts. 

Primary 2 will learn additional topics such as Mass, Fractions and Volume. 

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