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Middle Primary


Lesson Duration: 1.5 h

Curriculum content

Primary 3 and 4: 

In this programme, your child will gain content mastery in

  • Number Sense

  • Factors and Multiples

  • Four Operations,

  • Money

  • Fractions

  • Length, Mass and Volume

  • Time

  • Angles

  • Geometry


Skills and Techniques:

  • Your child will also solve word problems using more complex modelling to extract data. 

  • Heuristics such as Branching, Unitary Method, Equal Fractions method and Constant Difference method. 

Manipulatives such as Mirror Board and Fraction Tower will be used for Performance Tasks. 

New concepts such as Equivalent Fractions will be reinforced through games and hands-on activities. 

Primary 4 will learn additional topics such as Decimals, Area and Perimeter. 

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