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Upper Primary


Primary 5 and 6

Lesson Duration: 1.5 h

In this programme, your child will gain content mastery in

  • Cycles:

    • From Parents to Young

    • Reproduction in Plants

    • Reproduction in Humans

    • Water and Changes in States

    • Water Cycle

  • Systems​

    • The Plant Transport System

    • Respiratory System

    • Circulatory System

    • Unit of Life

    • Electrical System and Using Electricity

  • Interactions​

    • ​Forces​
    • Living Together
    • Food Chains and Food Webs
    • Adaptations
    • Man's Impact on his Environment
  • Energy​
    • Energy in Food

    • Sources and Forms of Energy


Skills and Techniques:

  • Your child will practice on key exam question types such as data analysis. 

  • Your child will be taught how to analyse experiments to determine if it is Fair Test, and the function of a controlled variable. 

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