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Word LEARN ENGLISH made with carved lett
Preparatory Programme


Lesson Duration: 1.5 h

Programme Outline: 

Students will be introduced to: 

  • Basic grammar rules 

  • Phonemic awareness 

  • Prepositions

  • Punctuation 

  • Sight and high frequency words

  • Simple past tense and present tense 

  • Thematic vocabulary 

  • and much more.


At Mind Learning Cove, we focus on developing reading, listening and speaking skills through a range of interesting activities.  

  • Poetry recitation 

  • Show and Tell verbal presentation 

  • Weekly interactive story telling session

These will help to provide your child a smooth transition to primary 1. 

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Preparatory Programme


Lesson Duration: 1.5h

Programme Outline: 

Students will be introduced to: 

  • Numbers notations, representation and place values

  • Comparing and ordering numbers

  • Addition and Subtraction concepts

  • Number bonds

  • Number patterns

  • Story Word Problems

  • Math vocabulary

  • and much more.

Mind Learning Cove incorporates a wide range of teaching methods to suit the different learners. For instance: 

  • Demonstrations to cater to the needs of Visual Learners

  • Group discussions to aid Auditory Learners understand the concepts

  • Suitable educational tools to help Kinaesthetic Learners process the knowledge


Under the care of our experienced teachers, your child will definitely be able to learn in a fun and engaging way!

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