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Courses -> 5-6 years old

Preparatory Workshop
(For 6 years old)

Worried that your child will not be able to transit smoothly to the Primary 1?


Fear not. Mind Learning Cove has designed a series of lessons to help your child transit to the next phase in life. For instance: 

  • Counting, adding and subtracting money to facilitate his meal times in school,

  • Writing to facilitate language use,

  • Reading to broaden his vocabulary to enhance communication with others. 

In addition, Mind Learning Cove incorporates a wide range of teaching methods to suit the different learners. For instance: 

  • Demonstrations to cater to the needs of Visual Learners

  • Group discussions to aid Auditory Learners understand the concepts

  • Suitable educational tools to help Kinaesthetic Learners process the knowledge


Under the care of our experienced teachers, your child will definitely be able to learn in a fun and engaging way!

English, Maths
(For 6 years old)
(For 5-6 years old)

Reading and Speaking


(For 5-6 years old)


In this workshop, your child will learn strategies to read new words with ease. 

Your child will be taught the following: 

  • Sounding out the letter 

  • Learning how to form and write the letter

  • Blending the sounds together to read and write new words

  • Segmenting the sounds within the word to help their spelling skills

P1 Prep (E/M)
Pre-School Phonics
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