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Mentoring Programme
(10 to 17 years old)

Does your child have diffiulty organising his time to complete everyday's task?


Does he have problems studying and applying essential concepts?

If so, join our Mentoring Programme and be guided by our teachers. 


Learn tips such as mindmapping and visualising to study more effectively and efficiently. 

Problem-Solving Skills
Focus on Heuristic and Word Problems
Higher Order Thinking Skills
(9 to 12 years old)

Does your child know how to approach a problem efficiently?

Mind Learning Cove has designed a series of interactive activities to help develop your child's skills in problem-solving. From role-playing to using real-life examples to illustrate the problem, we will expose your child to the different types of heuristics and fine-tune their approach. 

Train their analytical skills! Hone their logical thinking. 


Limited slots available. Do contact us for more details.

Heuristic & Word Problems
(Higher-Order Thinking Skills)
Creative Writing Workshop​
(Oral Workshop)
  • Strategic Language
Let's Talk (Oral Workshop)
(7-12 years old)

Does your child get tongue-tied in front of strangers?

Does your child have problem when trying to describe a picture or hold a conversation?

Fear not!

Be guided on how to speak more confidently and gain tips on how to elaborate on various topics, using a range of techniques to showcase your child's knowledge. 

Limited slots available. Do contact us for more details.

Be Creative!
(Creative Writing Workshop)
(7-12 years old)

Mind Learning Cove is organising a series of Creative Writing Workshops for children (7-12 years old)


Through these workshops, your child will be able to spin more exciting stores in a structured manner.


Limited slots available. Do contact us for more details.

Courses -> (7 to 12 years old)

Primary Creative
Primary Oral
Primary Maths Camp
Exploring Nature
Exploring Nature (Science)
(9 to 12 years old)

Levitating magnets, spy mirrors, rainbow creation and so on, explore the concepts behind these sciences. 

Train your child's data analysis skills through all these examples, and learn the proper words to describe real-life phenomena. 

Mentoring Programme
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