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Method of Learning
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  • We believe in personalised learning. The recipe to successful learning is customised to maximise student’s potential.


  • With small group size, students can enjoy individualised learning  at their own pace.


  • We have experienced NIE-trained Teachers and Scholars to develop life-long learning skills in our students.

Mind Learning Cove is founded by a group of passionate tutors (consisting of scholars and NIE-trained teachers) who firmly believe that learning can be easy, fun and efficient.


We believe that in learning through interactions. We aim to revolutionise learning experience through:

  • intellectual stimulations,

  • games and manipulatives

  • and conceptualising examples to make learning real and relavant to everyday lives

  • To ignite the passion in learning and cultivate pro-activeness.


  • Smart-Learning for maximum efficiency in achieving academic excellence.


  • None of our students will be left behind in our quest for knowledge.

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  • Small class size


  • Conducive study environment


  • Highly qualified personnel

    • Either Scholars or NIE-trained Teachers

Why Choose Us?
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