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Mind Learning Cove is constantly researching ways to release and train the instinct for problem-solving that is encoded into the DNA of our students. 

Our revolutionary Success programmes enhance your child's learning by building a strong grasp of concepts. 

To cater to different learning needs, Mind Learning Cove has a wide range of teaching tools. These includes:


  • Demonstrations and simulations to help visual learners see and internalise the knowledge skills and concepts

  • Group discussion to help auditory learners analyse and interpret information

  • Education tools to help kinesthetic learners learn through experience. 

Our students are the core of everything we do, and their success in learning matter to us. 

While we educate our students, we also provide them with the relevant skills and attitude to take on new challenges and seek success. 

Your success lies in your hands. 

Start living your dreams. 

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Aim high for 2024

Get a headstart for your child's preparations for the new year. 

Whether your child is entering Primary 1 or having PSLE this year, starting things off on the right foot will help your child gain confidence in his abilities and thrive in the new year.

Find out how we can enhance your child's learning to achieve academic success and maximise  their potential. 


Over the past years, Mind Learning Cove has consistently improved students' results. 

As the subject experts for English, Math and Science, we believe that we can be your trusted partner in guiding your child in his learning journey, from Preschool to Secondary levels. 


As educators, we adhere to the Mind Learning Cove's core belief that all students have the potential to excel, regardless of their individual ability. We strive to stretch the potential of each student to the fullest. 

Let us travel together on the journey to fully nurture the abilities of all children. Similar to the life cycle of a plant, from a seed  to a strong plant, our children will be well-equipped with the tools and strength to withstand any storms that they have to face in their academic journey. 




Planting seeds in the spring.The seeds i

Early Years

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 2


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Upper Primary

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Lower Primary

Primary 1

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Lower Secondary

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