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Upper Secondary

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Secondary 3

Secondary 4

Secondary 5

Editing, Visual Text Analysis, Comprehension, Essay Writing and Situational Writing are constantly reviewed to ensure that students are  able to face their exams with aplomb and calm. 

Regular assessments are conducted to keep students informed about their areas of improvements and achievements.



Additional Mathematics

Secondary 3

Secondary 4

Secondary 5

Moving on into the latter phase of Secondary School life, students are preparing for National Examinations which have significant impacts on their future. A strong emphasis is placed on building a resilient mindset of the students, allowing them to understand the relevance of the Mathematical skills they are learning.

Consistent, effective and frequent practices sharpen the skills needed to achieve the excellent grades at the final hurdles. Our lessons are never mundance nor repetitive. Our Upper Secondary students are repeatedly challenged to think out of the box, internalise and apply the Mathematical knowledge which benefits them for the rest of their lives.




Secondary 3

Secondary 4

Secondary 5

We emphasise on concept understanding, using interactive teaching methods to encourage students to query and explore ideas. With their deepened understanding of the subjects, students appreciate the subjects and are inspired to excel. 

Through constant practice and guidance, students learn how to minimise calculation errors that are common in Physics, and maximise their potential to score even better. 

Challenging chemistry concepts such as Stiochiometry and Qualitative Analysis are simplified in class to make learning enjoyable for students. 

Students are exposed to a range of challenging higher-order questions and equipped with tried-and-tested methods to maximise their score. 

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