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Middle Primary

Soar to

Greater Heights

Set the right foundation

We have the know-how you need.

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With the pair of Emerging Wings

Steer with Confidence

With the introduction of new subject (Science), students have to grasp new component-based skills and apply their knowledge mastery while enhancing their learning abilities with good time management and precision skills. 

The skills in which they master during these 2 years will form the foundation for their PSLE years. 


Primary 3

Primary 4

Our signature programme builds a strong foundation in our students, enhancing his reading, writing and speaking abilities. 

Your child will be taught the following: 

  • Intermediate grammar rules and vocabulary​

  • Gain confidence for public speaking​

  • Brainstorm and write a story with structure

  • Be exposed to various text types​ such as current affairs and personal recount passages

  • Develop self-evaluative skills and inferential skills


Primary 3

Primary 4

The transition from Lower Primary to Middle Primary involves a shift in focus, from refining the ability to recall to honing the ability to apply knowledge.


There will be more emphasis on Modeling and Heuristics. Your child will also solve word problems using more complex modelling to extract data. Heuristics such as Branching, Unitary Method, Equal Fractions method and Constant Difference method will be taught.

Manipulatives such as Mirror Board and Fraction Tower will be used for Performance Tasks. 

New concepts such as Equivalent Fractions will be reinforced through games and hands-on activities to enhance understanding. 




Primary 3

Primary 4

Does your child ever wonder the principles behind wondrous science? 

Get the right start to this brand new subject. 

Levitating magnets, spy mirrors, rainbow creation and so on, explore the concepts behind these sciences. 

Train your child's data analysis skills through all these examples, and learn the proper words to describe real-life phenomena. 

Your child will practice on key exam question types such as data analysis. He will learn how to analyse experiments to determine if it is Fair Test, and the function of a controlled variable. 

  • Your child will conduct experiments, apply their knowledge and observe the concepts in action.

As your child transits from Primary 3 to Primary 4, the exam focus will shift from the ability to recall the information to the ability to apply the knowledge for abstract questions. 

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