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Laying THE RIGHT Foundation 

Lower Secondary

Laying THE concrete

We have the know-how you need.

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Look Forward

Look Towards the Challange

Build the right foundation at the start of the Secondary journey. 

Ease the climb to success. 

Our ​Secondary School Programme will empower your child with the right skills and confidence to steer through the academic landscape. 

Give your child the best start to help transit to the next phase in life. 


Secondary 1​

Secondary 2

The leap from primary to secondary school can be intimidating. Our programme is carefully designed to ease this transition, and enhance students' mastery of English language and their global mindsets, with active discussions on current affairs and real world issues.


Critical analysis skills are taught to enable students to tackle various exam components with clarity and precision. 

Students are also exposed to various writing formats and literacy concepts that are in line with the latest syllabus requirements to gain confidence in completing any writing task. 



Secondary 1​

Secondary 2

Transiting from Primary School to Secondary School Mathematics can be an uphill task for many students. Receive strong support to tackle the Secondary School curriculum. Develop critical skills for mastering new concepts, dissecting challenging questions and crafting accurate answers.

Allow our Mind Learning Cove highly-qualified teachers to guide your child develop the essential study habit and study culture.

Lay the foundation within the first two years of their 'N', 'O' Level, IP or IB journey and reap the benefits in years to come.

​万丈高楼平地起 ,盘龙卧虎高山齐



Secondary 1​

Secondary 2

Gain exposure, 

Develop the interest and

Master more in-depths concepts

 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

From Kinematics to Elements, Compounds and Mixtures to Cells, a fascinating world of Science awaits your child. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment to increase students' confidence and motivation to tackling Science. 

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