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Early Years

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We have the know-how you need.

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Ready to Learn

Ready for the Journey ahead

Ignite the passion, excel in learning!

Early Years Programme from K1 to K2 to equip your child with the right skills.

Give your child the best start to help transit to the next phase in life. 

Preparatory Programme

For 6 years old

English and Math


Worried that your child will not be able to transit smoothly to the Primary 1?


Fear not. Get a headstart to primary 1.


Mind Learning Cove has designed a series of lessons to help your child transit to the next phase in life.

Reading and Speaking Programme

For 5 to 6 years old

Talking in front of a group of classmates can be nerve-wracking during Show-and-Tell in lower primary. 

Reading a passage can be daunting to many. 

Learn strategies to read and speak confidently by NIE-trained teachers. 

Be equipped with the knowledge to sound out new words and be familiar with commonly found words in Primary 1. 


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