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Lower Primary


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Ready for School

Get the right start

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Preparing your child for school can be stressful.

At Mind Learning Cove, our curriculum specialists analyse what is needed in school and ensure that every lesson is focused on enhancing their school experience. 

With skills-based modules, targeted exercises and exciting activities, our curriculum is  customised so that each student can retain the knowledge and apply it to real-life situations. 

Leap ahead while nurturing a deep interest in learning new knowledge. 


Primary 1

Primary 2

"What we learn with pleasure, we never forget" - Alfred Mercier

A range of fun and engaging activities will help to create a conducive and pleasant environment in the acquisition of English language. Our English lessons are tailored to suit a range of learning styles to create learning opportunities to all students. 


Primary 1​

Primary 2

Train the mind and develop the capacity to think logically, abstractly, critically and creatively. 


Build your child's confidence in Math and develop his love for it through fun hands-on activities, worksheets and games. Each lesson is filled with the essential Math concepts and arithmetic skills. 


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