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Education is our passport to the future,

for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it.


Ignite the Passion For Learning

The ability to learn and grow is encoded in our DNA. Our DNA provides the potential, but the passion for learning releases that potential, shape it and focus it into success. 

Mind Learning Cove is founded by a group of passionate teachers (consisting of scholars and NIE-trained teachers) who firmly believe that learning can be easy, fun and efficient.

We believe that in learning through interactions. We aim to revolutionise learning experience through:​

  • intellectual stimulations,

  • games and manipulatives

  • and conceptualising examples to make learning real and relavant to everyday lives

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Aim for the Stars

Strive to achieve a greater purpose. The goal of achieving success will give you the strength to overcome obstacles. 


To aid students in their pursuit of greater excellence, Mind Learning Cove implements 

  • Smart-Learning for maximum efficiency in achieving academic excellence.


  • None of our students will be left behind in our quest for knowledge.

Let us travel together on the journey to fully express the potential of all children. 

Our Success Formula

We believed in personalised learning. ​

  • The recipe to successful learning is customised to maximise student’s potential.

    • Each week, our curriculum specialists bring fresh and captivating lesson materials to class to inspire our students to learn, inquiry and have fun in class. 

    • When your child is passionate to learn, they are motivated to do excel. 


  • With small group size, students can enjoy individualised learning  at their own pace and the undivided attention of the teacher.

  • We have experienced NIE-trained Teachers and Scholars with the passion for teaching and creating wondrous classroom experience for students.  to develop life-long learning skills in our students.

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Highly Qualified Teachers Makes A Difference

Mind Learning Cove encompasses three pillars – scholars, NIE-trained teachers and parent support group (PSG).


We have the scholars who are more than qualified to teach our students and inspire them to do their best, and we have the NIE-trained teachers who have the passion for teaching and are equipped with the latest teaching methods.


Hence, by combining these two categories of qualified teachers with the trust and support of students’ parents, we are definitely more than capable to provide parents premium teachers and help to maximise their children’s potential.

Our teachers are dedicated to help students enhance their subject mastery and inspire the love for learning. 

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