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School Child Pupil Education, Clock Abac

Early Years

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 2


Teach our children how to learn. 

Nurture their sense of wonder and curiosity and promote the passion for learning. 

Give our children the best preparation for formal primary education with programmes that are tailored to develop their confidence in academic tasks and communication. 

Jar of Coins

Lower Primary

Primary 1 

Primary 2

Preparing your child for school can be stressful.

At Mind Learning Cove, our curriculum specialists analyse what is needed in school and ensure that every lesson is focused on enhancing their school experience. 

With skills-based modules, targeted exercises and exciting activities, our curriculum is  customised so that each student can retain the knowledge and apply it to real-life situations. 

Fun and easy science.5 years old Asian g

Middle Primary

Primary 3

Primary 4


Your child has reached the next milestone in his academic journey. 

With the introduction of a new subject (Science) and building upon the foundation of the core subjects, life can be overwhelming to your child. 


Our teachers will engage your child and use the most effective method to impart the relevant knowledge and skills required for child to face any exams. 

Chalkboard with question "Are you ready?

Upper Primary

Primary 5 

Primary 6


Time to gear up for the key milestone in your child's primary school years. 

Our teachers will constantly review your child's progress and enhance  their learning. With PSLE looming ahead, our teachers and curriculum team will work together to equip your child with higher-level skills and depositions required to take on the challenges ahead. 


Geometry Set

Lower Secondary

Secondary 1

Secondary 2


Consistent skill-based practices will help your child master the required topics, methods, techniques and flow processes. 

With interactive group discussion and amble opportunities to raise queries and apply new concepts in an encouraging environment, your child will gain confidence and learn new perspectives in every lesson. 

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Upper Secondary

Secondary 3

Secondary 4

Secondary 5

Students will explore the concepts in depth and hone their critical thinking skills to solve increasingly complex questions. 

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