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Lower Primary


Lesson Duration: 1.5 h

Curriculum content

At this juncture og the learning journey, a student will face massive challenges from critical chapters such Algebra, Trigonometry, Graphs and many others. Mind Learning Cove teachers guide, teach and team up with your child to embrace these challenges with bravery and a positive attitude.

We prepare your child for success, level of success is relative to every individual. Every child is unique and we have the qualifications to equip your child with the knowledge and skills to succeed.


Our teacher-student ratio of no more than 1 : 6 gives an Upper Secondary student the undivided attention he/she needs; at the same time grouping them with compatible classmates to challenge your child for further improvement.

Your child will be taught the following: 

  • Excellent presentation of answers for all Mathematical questions.

  • Management of stress, preparation for school examinations and real world challenges.

  • Mastering key concepts and making connections of all branches of Mathematics in Secondary School syllabus.

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